Sustainable Communities Grant Development & Transit Fleet Electrification Feasibility Study

City of Clovis

Green DOT was subcontracted by CALSTART to assist in the development of a competitive Caltrans Sustainable Communities grant for the City of Clovis Transit Fleet Electrification Feasibility Study. The Study intends to assess existing electric-vehicle infrastructure plans and suggest improvements necessary to electrify Clovis Transit's Stageline Transit Service buses and Round-Up Transit Service Dial-A-Ride vehicles. The resulting plan will guide Clovis toward implementing a zero-emission public transportation network. Currently, Clovis Transit has 30 buses, 9 vans, and 1 trolley. The City anticipates a new transit fleet of 60 buses, 9 vans, and 1 trolley. The Transit Fleet Electrification Feasibility Study will align with the Fresno Council of Governments Regional Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy as well as statewide emissions reduction requirements including California Air Resources Board Proposed Innovative Clean Transit Regulation, Assembly Bill 32, Senate Bill 32, Senate Bill 375, and Senate Bill 1434. The City of Clovis was awarded a Sustainable Communities Grant award in the requested amount of $161,500.

City of Clovis Transit

  • 155 N Sunnyside Ave, Clovis, CA, 93611