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Green DOT Transportation Solutions was started to fill a niche role in transportation planning services. Our goal is to improve transportation facilities and the associated human travel experience by working with local and regional agencies to improve project development and project delivery. The Green DOT team has extensive experience planning, programming and monitoring transportation projects and navigating the complex federal and state processes. We work with the built, natural, and human environments to develop effective transportation plans and programs that ultimately create safe, efficient, and progressive transportation solutions. We are strategically located in Chico providing services to public agencies throughout northern California. Green DOT is a California Corporation and registered small business.

Meet The Team

Jeff Schwein, AICP CTP

President/Principal Transportation Planner

Green DOT owner Jeff Schwein (he/him) is a Certified Transportation Planner (CTP) with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Jeff has worked in the transportation planning field since 2001 on projects ranging from financial programming to multi-modal planning. His specialty is moving projects from the shelf to the ground with accessible and creative funding and delivery strategies. Jeff works with communities to define projects based on identifiable need as well as project type, in relation to available funding resources. In addition to project level transportation planning, Jeff helps communities prepare transportation plans, bicycle plans, and Safe Routes to School Plans that improve mobility options and create active transportation opportunities. Jeff is committed to progressive transportation planning and stays involved in statewide transportation circles like the Rural Counties Task Force and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies group and regularly attends meetings of the California Transportation Commission.

Sofia Lepore

Senior Transportation Planner

Sofia (she/her) is a Senior Transportation Planner at Green DOT and is passionate about promoting active transportation and multi-modal access to equitably serve all communities. She is involved in most aspects of Green DOT delivery which includes authoring planning documents, leading grant development, producing outreach materials, and engaging with diverse communities to ensure full representation throughout the planning process. She is a graduate of California State Chico with a double BA in Geography & Planning and Spanish. She fervently believes that promoting active transportation and multi-modal access is a vital aspect of lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and enjoys working directly with communities to envision positive change.

Nathaniel Redmond

Senior Transportation Planner

Nathaniel (he/him) is a Senior Transportation Planner at Green DOT. Nathaniel graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning and is a graduate of the Master of Urban Planning program at San Jose State University with a concentration in transportation planning. He has experience working with community stakeholders in the Bay Area envisioning safer and more sustainable mobility options and aims to reduce the dependency on single-occupant vehicles for daily commuters. Nathaniel strives to bring communities safer active transportation facilities and stresses the connection between public health and travel decisions.

Mari Hsu

Associate Transportation Planner

Mari (they/them) has been an Associate Planner with Green DOT since graduating from SJSU. A public transit and social justice advocate, they work to center marginalized communities and people over data. Coming originally from rural Appalachia they have a deep understanding of the unique transit challenges in similar areas. With past experience ranging from physics to design, all their work has hinged on communicating complex topics to non-experts in dignified and engaging ways. They specialize in addressing details while reaching towards big-picture goals and are excited to bring all of these skills to communities in Northern California.

Kelly Rice

Associate Transportation Planner

Associate Planner Kelly Rice (she/her) has a passion for sustainable transportation projects and the technical skills necessary to create valuable technical transportation analysis for our projects. Her integration of data driven solutions and artistically developed outputs in maps, charts, and graphics leads to comprehensive report development. Kelly is also a natural communicator which provides a nexus between complex transportation challenges and community understanding.

Aleisha Wright

Associate Transportation Planner

Aleisha (she/her) is an Associate Transportation Planner at Green DOT Transportation Solutions. She graduated from San José State University with a M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning and a focus in Transportation and Land-Use Planning. Aleisha is committed to bridging the gap between communities’ transit needs and the available resources provided to them on the local and regional level. She further strives to serve as a reliable liaison and creative consultant to the public. Aleisha has experience with site-surveying, community outreach, authoring planning reports through Adobe InDesign, and zoning and land-use mapping through ArcGIS Pro.

Sylinda Villado

Assistant Transportation Planner

Sylinda (she/they) is an Assistant Transportation Planner at Green DOT. Sylinda is a senior at California State University, Chico finishing her B.A. in Geography and Planning with a concentration on Human Geography and is expected to graduate in Fall 2022. She has experience working in community outreach through a non-profit organization as well as land use planning experience in the local government sector specifically in a rural community. Sylinda is passionate in the implementation of sustainable and safe transportation infrastructure in under-represented areas and including the community to partake in such development.

Koya Oki

Assistant Transportation Planner

Koya (he/him) is an Assistant Transportation Planner at Green DOT Transportation Solutions. He is set to graduate from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Sustainable Environmental Design and a minor in Geographic Information Science and Technology in Fall 2022. Koya is excited about developing progressive transportation options that allow for equitable access to healthy and active living. With experience in GIS and remote sensing in environmental management, city planning, and earth science, he is versed in bridging the gap between science and decision-making groups.

Shelby Callaghan

Office Manager

Shelby (she/her) is the Office Manager at Green DOT and works behind the scenes to support the day-to-day business needs. Shelby’s experience comes from over 20 years in both the private and non-profit sectors with an emphasis in process management, project organization, event planning and management. With a BS in Health Science from CSU Chico, she understands the important role that alternative transportation plays in shaping, active, healthy and vibrant communities.


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