South Entry Project Study Report

City of Eureka

The City of Eureka contracted Green DOT Transportation Solutions to prepare a project study report for a project on the section of State Route 101 that brings travelers into the city limits. This was a traffic calming and aesthetic improvement project for the most part, but also included some operational, bicycle and pedestrian improvements as well. Throughout spring 2015, we conducted stakeholder and community outreach meetings to gather input from local businesses and the community on what type of improvements would be meaningful to them. Additionally, this was a cooperative effort with Caltrans, the California Coastal Commission, and other regional and local agencies. Ultimately, our project team prepared a Project Study Report and implementation plan that will lead to infrastructure improvements in the future.

City of Eureka

  • 133 V St, Eureka, CA, 95501

133 V St, Eureka, CA, 95501