Go Safely El Dorado County

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program

Green DOT Transportation Solutions worked with the County of El Dorado to develop and implement a county-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Plan. Green DOT worked with the County to develop a multi-pronged approach to informing the community about bicycle and pedestrian safety, the benefits of active transportation, and ultimately encouraging and increasing the use of active transportation in the region. Green DOT developed a series of graphics, including messaging graphics to be posted around the community, and targeted-outreach graphics for distribution to schools and through social media. In addition, the Green DOT team organized and facilitated a series of pedestrian and bicycle safety community events, such as bicycle rodeos and traffic safety fairs, including collection of attendance metrics. Green DOT, under the direction of the County of El Dorado and the Office of Traffic Safety, were successful in partnering with local schools and organizations to design scheduled outreach events and training guide videos. Traffic safety examinations were developed to gauge student knowledge prior to and after the training presentation. A huge effort involving graphics and messaging development, training guide development and creation, outreach and coordination with dozens of schools and outreach groups, and more was completed on time within a very 6 month project schedule.

El Dorado County Transportation Commission

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Go Safely El Dorado County

2828 Easy St #1, Placerville, CA 95667, USA