Class I Facility and Safe Routes Gap Fill Plan

San Andreas Pope Street

Green DOT was contracted by the Calaveras Council of Governments as the prime consultant to develop the San Andreas Pope Street Class I Facility and Safe Routes Gap Fill Plan with support from subconsultant GHD providing engineering services. The Pope Street Gap Fill Plan plans for safe bicycle and pedestrian connections from San Andreas Elementary School to historic central residential neighborhoods in San Andreas, the County Government Center, and existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. The Pope Street Gap Fill Plan prepped the project for competitive funding programs, such as the Active Transportation Program (ATP), and will ultimately improve and encourage bicycling and pedestrian opportunities in the San Andreas core by creating safer, more comfortable and convenient routes for non-motorized modes.  The Plan, which was initiated in March 2019, studied the feasibility of a Class I connection traversing San Andreas from the elementary school on the west side of town to the Government Center on the east side of town and corridor improvements connecting the north side of town to State Route 49. The final Plan was adopted in August 2020.

Calaveras Council of Governments