Tuolumne County Active Transportation Plan

Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC)

Tuolumne County is a destination for recreational hiking and biking, containing portions of Yosemite National Park and Stanislaus National Forest as well as scenic and walkable gold rush-era towns. Green DOT developed the Tuolumne County Active Transportation Plan for the region which supports efforts to increase walking, bicycling and access to public transit. The goal of the Project was to improve opportunities to fund non-motorized transportation, create inter-connectivity between communities and access to public transportation within the Tuolumne County Transit service area. Green DOT assessed active transportation needs by creating a database and maps of the existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in the County and identifying gaps in the sidewalk, bicycle route, and trails network. As part of the existing conditions analysis, pedestrian and bicyclist behavior was assessed through bicycle and pedestrian field counts. Green DOT then assisted the TCTC in a public outreach campaign to solicit feedback from the community identifying where project needs are and incorporated the publics’ desires in the prioritization methodology. Green DOT developed priorities, goals, and objectives for the Plan to assist TCTC in prioritizing projects to prepare Tuolumne County for future funding opportunities. The Tuolumne Active Transportation Plan was adopted in September 2020.  The Tuolumne Active Transportation Plan laid the groundwork for the development of Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant applications for two priority projects - Dragoon Gulch Connector Trail and the Jamestown Community Connectivity Project. Green DOT assisted the TCTC with the development of these two grant applications for the highly competitive ATP. The Jamestown Community Connectivity Project was awarded $2.07 million for construction.

Tuolumne County Transportation Council

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Tuolumne County Active Transportation Plan

2 S Green St, Sonora, CA 95370, USA