Active Transportation Grant Development

ATP Program

The Active Transportation Program (ATP) is a highly competitive grant program operating under the California Transportation Commission (CTC) since 2014. Throughout the four-cycle lifetime of the ATP, Green DOT has developed or assisted in the development of seventeen grant applications for various agencies throughout Northern California. Green DOT developed two applications for Cycle 5 of the ATP, which were submitted successfully by the program deadline of June 15, 2022. ATP grant applications require a robust effort including refined project details, exhaustive written narrative, community outreach, active transportation user counts, safety analysis, demographic research, and the creation of several maps and visuals. Green DOT is committed to multi-modal transportation planning and is excited to be involved in efforts to improve the safety and travel experience of active transportation users in northern California.

California Transportation Commission

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Active Transportation Grant Development

1120 N St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA