2020 Regional Transportation Plan Update

Siskiyou County

Green DOT prepared the 2020 Siskiyou County Regional Transportation Plan update as part of the on-call contract Green DOT has as the executive director and staff of the Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commission. Green DOT worked on an abbreviated project schedule to deliver a full Regional Transportation Plan update in just over a 6 month period. The project team’s existing relationship with the Siskiyou County LTC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) helped in quickly identifying transportation project needs in the region over the next 20 years. Projects were vetted and prioritized in coordination with the TAC, stakeholders and the public. A funding and implementation plan was developed and the 2020 Siskiyou County RTP update was adopted in August 2021.

Siskiyou County Transportation Commission

  • 1625 Mott Rd, Mt Shasta, CA, 95067