Countywide Active Transportation Plan 2022

Siskiyou County

Green DOT Transportation Solutions and the Siskiyou Outdoor Recreation Alliance (SORA) is preparing the 2022 Siskiyou Regional Active Transportation Plan. The Regional Active Transportation Plan will support efforts to increase walking, bicycling and access to public transit. The goal of the Plan will be to inventory and prioritize active transportation projects in the region, and ultimately to improve opportunities to fund non-motorized transportation, create inter-connectivity between communities and access to public transportation within Siskiyou County. Green DOT will assess active transportation needs by creating a database and maps of the existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in the County and identifying gaps in the sidewalk, bicycle route, and trails network. The public outreach campaign lead by SORA will be used to solicit feedback from the community identifying where project needs are and incorporated the publics’ desires in the prioritization methodology.

Siskiyou County Regional Active Transportation Plan

  • 190 Greenhorn Rd, Yreka, CA 96097, USA

Countywide Active Transportation Plan 2022

190 Greenhorn Rd, Yreka, CA 96097, USA